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Where We Work

We service clients across multiple industries in both the US Virgin Islands and Florida.

Where We Work

Our Leadership

Our Leadership

Lia A. Hibbert,  MBA, MSc, CHSO

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Lia is CEO and Director of Organizational Development at Strategic HRM, LLC. She has served the USVI and Florida communities for approximately twelve (12) years’ in the fields of Personnel Management, Business Administration and Compliance. Lia has varied experience in working for, and in collaboration with, private corporations, non-profits, local and federal governments, and regional task forces. She works strategically with our clients to develop relationships, identify pain points, assess inefficiencies and devise solutions to better streamline their overall Organizational Development and HR function--aligning HR goals and strategy with the overall organization's goals and strategy.  Lia leads her team with empathy and serves as a custodian of company values. She is a huge proponent of leading by example. 

Meet Our Team


Gisel Cruz
HR Analyst

Introducing Gisel, our dedicated HR Analyst, who is ready to support your evolving team. With a strong sense of responsibility and a knack for taking ownership, Gisel ensures that your HR needs are expertly managed. Her adaptability shines in dynamic environments, allowing her to seamlessly navigate change. As a relator, she builds meaningful relationships, genuinely caring about the well-being of your team. With her problem-solving skills, Gisel restores efficiency and finds practical solutions. Moreover, she is a dedicated developer, passionate about nurturing growth and unlocking potential.

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Angela Becerra
Administrative and Marketing Coordinator

Meet Angela, our Marketing expert! With her strong focus, she directs her attention towards achieving marketing goals internally and for our clients. Angela possesses a futuristic mindset, enabling her to anticipate trends and envision the bigger picture. Her strategic acumen ensures sound decision-making and effective prioritization. Moreover, as a relator, she excels at building meaningful relationships, genuinely caring about others and their success. Her contagious positivity inspires and motivates those around her, creating a dynamic and uplifting environment

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Xauskya Emmanuel
Compliance Analyst

Meet Xauskya, our exceptional Compliance Analyst! With a diverse set of strengths, she excels as a relator, forming meaningful connections with others. Her strategic mindset enables her to devise effective plans and anticipate future trends. As a passionate learner, she adapts swiftly to new situations, keeping our organization at the forefront of best practices. Xauskya's unwavering sense of responsibility garners trust and respect from her colleagues, while her disciplined approach ensures consistent, top-tier performance.

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Val Norman
HR/IO Psychology Analyst

Val Norman obtained her Bachelor's in Psychology & Master's in I/O Psychology. She has experience in DEIB application and is proud to have spearheaded a mentorship program to promote conversion of BIPOC trainees to employees. Her most valuable gift is finding unique solutions to problems even with constraints like budget and other resources. It brings her joy to see a project to completion, witness that joy transferred to clients and make her team proud.  She is also a certified yoga instructor and maintains a 500hr certification to teach classes & lead trainings. 


Our History

Formed in 2022, Strategic HRM, LLC is a contemporary, innovative business consulting and professional services company that brings together over 70 years of combined experience and expertise to provide client solutions that are dynamic, practical and sustainable. 

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