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Message from Our CEO:


     Our team of highly-skilled, multi-disciplinary business consulting professionals is valued for more than its skillset. We believe in their talents and abilities to grow and create impact in the communities we serve and so we invest in their professional development and support their personal interests. We value and utilize our team's input for informing business decisions through regular engagement check-ins, goal setting and tracking meetings, surveys, and opportunities for direct participation in strategic planning.


     Our work culture is founded on our shared values and principles. We welcome creativity, innovation, and dynamism that promote exceptional performance and growth. We do more than just seek the best talent, we cultivate talent through inspiration, motivation, and leading by example. Our work quality is always above standard as we promote collaborative, cohesive, teamwork.


     Now ask yourself this...Are you Strategic? If your answer is yes and your values, goals, and interests align with ours, you are welcome to apply. But know this, you will be challenged, you will have to become comfortable with being uncomfortable, you will take risks, you will grow, you will excel, you will empower others and you will transform organizations.

Sincerest Regards,

Lia A. Magras, MBA, MSc, CHSO

CEO Strategic HRM, LLC

Our Work Culture

Our work culture is framed on stakeholder-centric, values-based leadership. The Strategic HRM, LLC, corporate culture strategy:

  1. Aims to foster integration

  2. Aims to build relationships

  3. Creates mutual benefits and opportunities

  4. Develops and sustains long-term goals and relationships

  5. Encourages idiosyncratic dependent implementation based on division, function, business structure, and personal interest and style, and encourages coherent approaches, driven by enterprise, visions, missions, values, and strategies.

Join Our Team


Thank you for your interest in joining our team at Strategic HRM!

Kindly apply by submitting your resume and cover letter below. Once vacancies are available, we will contact you if you qualify.

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